This website covers the activities of a joint RISD / MIT project. Taking advantage of our overlapping Wintersession (RISD) and Independent Activities Period (MIT), we’re working towards combining the strengths of both groups into a single exhibit to be displayed at the MIT Museum in February, 2013.

RISD students are working as part of a for-credit course, SCULP-4581 Perception Lab. MIT students are working as part of a non-credit activity. The MIT group includes undergrads, grad students, staff, and a small number of non-MIT people with an interest in art, science, technology, and museum studies.

RISD SCULP-4581 PERCEPTION LAB - This class is taught in partnership with the MIT Museum. Using the extensive collection of the museum which includes robotics, holography, the photography of Berenice Abbott and “Doc” Edgerton, and much more, we will consider the idea of human perception and its impact on contemporary society, science, and art. During the 6-week course we will research the museum collection, and execute artwork which deepens our understanding of this innovative history of investigation. We will work collectively and independently, and create new partnerships with MIT students to distill our own thinking into works of sculpture.

MIT Museum - Creating From Both Sides of the Brain - MIT and RISD teams will combine art and engineering in creation of an experiential exhibit on a selected topic in visual perception. Using the MIT Museum as a resource, we’ll explore the rich history of art/science/engineering collaborations at MIT. Examples are found in the works of Harold Edgerton, Edwin Land / Polaroid, Berenice Abbott, Stephen Benton and Aude Oliva’s current “Hybrid Illusions”. Cultivating individual and group methods for cross-disciplinary collaboration, we’ll select a topic, generate ideas and construct prototypes. The goal is the creation of an artwork that will offer Museum visitors a novel and meaningful perceptual experience, further revealed and informed by surrounding exhibit information.