The MIT Museum Studio is a new initiative that connects MIT undergraduate and graduate students with the unique learning opportunities of the MIT Museum. Students draw on the MIT Museum’s rich resources—historical collections, interpretive galleries, staff knowledge and visitor feedback—as they pursue original technology projects that advance the Museum’s multi-sensory learning environment. Interactions with visitors from across the campus and around the world help students develop the scope and strength of their communication skills.

The undergraduate course, “Exhibiting Science,” currently offered by the STS program and taught through the Museum Studio, enables students to go beyond papers and slide presentations, learning to communicate through multimedia exhibits.

The MIT Museum Studio is also the home of EDGE (Engineering Design Group for Exhibitions), a student club hosted jointly by the MIT Museum and the Edgerton Center, where students work on museum-related extracurricular activities.


IAP 2013

Museum Studio & RISD students working together on a joint project.

Sky Event

Rising above the Great Dome of MIT, immense inflatable stars soared over Killian Court on the evening of May 7 during FAST Light, the culminating event of the MIT150 Festival of Art, Science and Technology.

iPad holder

An acrylic holder for an iPad that can be used in the MIT Museum.

Digital Parrot

A small stuffed animal that sits on your shoulder, telling you what you need to know.

Motion Platform

A multi-use robotic base for museum, theater, or gallery use.


Web-accessible holograms via a remote-controlled robotic camera.

Eye Robot

Collaboration with Robert Wilson, playwright and Elizabeth Goldring, artist & poet.